Jim's cell 1-907-887-9464
        Hello I am Captain Jim Norris . I have been fishing in Prince William Sound since 2003 . I started out as a deck hand for Bread n Butter Charters with Captain Ken Miller .
        In 2006 I started running the Vessel Sea Chase for my Pop,s Captain John Norris with Hemlock Ridge Charters . In 2008 I ran my Pop's boat until I started running the Vessel Seclusion in Valdez for Captain Dan Eames chasing Silver Salmon during August and September . I fished for Pop's and Dan for two  more years .
        In 2009 Mary and I bought Bread n Butter Charters . We got married in June . Bought the Bread n Butter in July and I went to Valdez in August . I am sure  Mary was wondering what the heck she got her self into , but she handled it well . Since then Mary takes car of the bookings and the office , I fish , and I'll stay in Whittier , if I have to , I guess ? I love fishing for Silvers .
        In the spring of 2009 I started talking to AK Fish and Game  , and the Whittier Harbor Master about stocking Silvers in Whittier . By 2010 we were stocking 100,000 Silver  Salmon smolt and 100,000 King Salmon  smolt . In 2012 fisherman started catching  Jack Kings returning and in 2013 fisherman started catching nice Silvers .
        Don't get me wrong I am a very good Halibut fisherman . My clients average Halibut is 40 pounds . Better than most . We catch an average of 30 Halibut over 100 # every year . I do not anchor I hunt , or drift looking for big fish .You will see a lot of Prince William Sound on my vessel . Looking for the Trophy or meat you want . You will not find a guide who knows how to fish Prince William Sound ,  better than me .   Thanks Captain Jim Norris